Our Rooms


Ondamare offers you comfortable and well-furnished accomodation.
Every room has a predominant colour and their names are inspired by the sea and nature, to welcome you in a poetic and dreaming atmosphere.
The rooms are on the second floor, you can reach them by a flight of stairs, there is no lift.
The property is equipped with a lighting system designed for your visual comfort.

Room Marea
Room Luna
Room Riva
Room Brezza
Camera Marea
Room Luna
Room Riva
Room Brezza
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The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione is one of the most important monuments of Molise. It is situated in the old town and it is the cathedral of Termoli. It is built in Romanic style, it stands on the remians of the pagan temple dedicated to  Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux.

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